Our group is engaged in the development of a broad range of biomaterials technologies for integration into healthy tissue or for the reconstruction, replacement, or repair of damaged tissue. Two central themes in our work are understanding and controlling the foreign body response to implanted materials and developing cell-based biomaterials. Our group has extensive expertise in bioengineering, biomaterials sciences, neuroscience, cell-culture and tissue engineering methods, immunohistological characterization, device fabrication and testing, and micro- and nanoscale engineering.


Several groups collaborate with our group here at the Keck Center:


 Dr. Gregory Clark

 Dr. Chuck Dorval

 Dr. David Grainger

 Dr. Bradley Greger

 Dr. Robert Hitchcock

 Dr. Vladimir Hlady

 Dr. Hanseup Kim

 Dr. Patrick Kiser

 Dr. Kenneth Monson

 Dr. Richard Normann

 Dr. Richard Rabbitt

 Dr. John White


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