Dr. Tresco's lecture notes as well as those of guest lecturers will be placed on this page for the students to view as they are available (linked to the date of the lecture).

The learning objecties will be here in three separate word files (one for each exam) that will be updated regularly.

Exam 1: Learning Objectives

Exam 2: Learning Objectives

Exam 3: Learning Objectives

Date Instructor Topic
12 Jan Tresco Introduction
14 Jan Tresco Overview
16 Jan Tresco Classes of Materials Used in Medicine
oo oo oo
19 Jan oo Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - Holiday
21 Jan Tresco Polymeric Materials - Part I
23 Jan Tresco Polymeric Materials - Part II
oo oo oo
26 Jan Tresco Acute Wound Healing
28 Jan Tresco Blood Clotting
30 Jan Tresco Chronic Wound Healing and Foreign Body Response
oo oo oo
2 Feb Wright Surface Properties of Biomaterials
4 Feb Wright Surface Characterization
6 Feb Wright Surface & Protein Interactions
oo oo oo
9 Feb Biran Inflammation: Part I
11 Feb Biran Inflammation: Part II-Degradation of Implanted Materials
13 Feb Tresco Exam I
oo oo oo

16 Feb

oo President's Day - Holiday
18 Feb Triolo Device Regulation

20 Feb

Hitchcock Device Development
oo oo oo
23 Feb Tresco Biomaterials and Related Infections
25 Feb Tresco Prevention and Sterilization
27 Feb Tresco Surface Coatings
oo oo oo
1 Mar Tresco Anti-Infective Coatings
3 Mar Tresco Wound Dressings and Sutures
5 Mar Tresco Elastomers
oo oo oo
8 Mar Tresco Applications in Cardiology
10 Mar Tresco Hollow Fiber Membranes
12 Mar oo Exam II
oo oo oo
15 Mar oo Spring Break
17 Mar oo Spring Break
19 Mar oo Spring Break
oo oo oo
22 Mar Tresco Applications in Nephrology
24 Mar Tresco Hydrogels
26 Mar Mamalis Applications in Ophthalmology
oo oo oo
29 Mar Tresco Metals-Part I
31 Mar Tresco Metals- Part II
2 Apr Tresco Applications in Orthopedics
oo oo oo
5 Apr Tresco Ceramics and Bioglasses
7 Apr Tresco Adhesives and Sealents
9 Apr oo Applications in Dentistry
oo oo oo
12 Apr Tresco Degradable Materials-Part I
14 Apr Tresco Degradable Materials-Part II
16 Apr Tresco Project Presentations
oo oo oo
19 Apr Tresco Project Presenations
21 Apr Tresco Project Presentations
23 Apr Tresco Project Presentations
oo oo oo
26 Apr Tresco Exam III



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